A brief history of my writing

I’ve been telling stories for a long time. Since I was a kid, playing with my friends in galaxies far, far away, or in enchanted forests filled with monsters, maidens, and treasure.

At some point I began jotting some of my stories down. Not entirely sure when it was structured to be called “writing” with the aim of producing something coherent I could share. Around year 2000 is my best guess. But my “audience” was strictly limited to friends and confidantes.

That began to change in 2014. That’s the year I stumbled upon watpad.com and began interacting with other amateur writers and sharing my work. It was learning by doing, so I wrote a lot, and my understanding of the author’s craft improved dramatically.

Last year wasn’t all bad for me. 2020 was the year I self-published my first novel, Cabin Fever. It’s an erotic romance, sprinkled with a paranormal mystery. I think it’s well written, witty, and sexy as can be. Which is what I was aiming for. Mission accomplished. Well done, Felix. Now get on with the rest of your writing career – this was just the beginning!

I write for two reasons:

I love telling stories. Always have. To me, there is something intensely rewarding about the process of bringing together a great setting, compelling characters, and an exciting plot and transforming it into a whole that transcends the sum of its parts.

I love sharing my stories with others. Much as I enjoy the process of writing, I love sharing my stories even more. There is nothing as elating as getting a vote of confidence from a reader or having someone leave an insightful review of my story.

Can I make it as a real, published author?

Self-pub is great. To me, that was an important milestone. Like most bugging authors, I yearn for the chance of being published for real by a real publishing company. That my new goal, the dream that gives me something to work towards. And the incentive to keep writing, keep improving.

I think I have unique and compelling stories. I think my writing skills are sufficiently advanced. If I keep writing good stories and make an effort to reach out to various publishers, it is my hope that someday someone will realize what an amazing author I am and publish my novels.

Gotta aim high, right?

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