Felix can scarcely remember when he started reading fantasy. He thinks that maybe it was Tolkien’s The Hobbit that got him interested. It definitely was the Lord of The Rings that got him hooked. After that, he greedily read every fantasy book he could lay his hands on. Hardly a unique story, I know.

Now the time has come to give something back. He’s distilled all the things that made him fall in love with the Fantasy genre in the first place, and created a setting that he feels is both unique yet familiar.

Daughter of the Dragon is the first full novel set in this exiting new world, but more are sure to follow.

In the Highland Kingdom of Calabria, three youngsters must overcome their differences and together brave a perilous journey.

The trio will be thrust into a world they thought only existed in legends and ballads. Village life will soon be the least of their concerns as they make their way across an increasingly dangerous land to deliver a message that could decide the outcome of the coming war against an ancient evil.

Daughter of the Dragon is WIP. The goal is to finish the draft no later than Q4 2021.

You can read the story online as it unfolds: